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Samsung will challenge Apple iPad Pro with a new folding function.

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Samsung will challenge Apple iPad Pro with a new folding function.

Details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S Pen smartphone, taken on August 13, 2018. (Photos by Neil ... [+] Godwin / What Is Hi-Fi Magazine / Future with Getty Images)

What is Hi-Fi Magazine / Future with Getty Images?
This week a lot of important news came out about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: it could be in fashion.

It may seem like a small addition, but it gives us a clearer idea of ​​where the product is going and the next product.

Samsung's current Samsung Fold, while very impressive, has no real purpose. It is a first-generation product that unleashes a new technological advance: it is something that should be surprised instead of used.

But it looks like Fold 2 will solve that problem by adopting a new co-creator: the iPad challenge.

A huge improvement in screen size, the Korean company has obviously gone up to 7.6 inches on the internal display and 6.2 inches on the external display, an improved display using the new ultra-thin glass, a powerful new processor, and a stylus, who can turn this into a serious rival to iPad.

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Let's discuss the important changes. Style first. The Apple iPad, any model, but especially the Pro line, is very popular with creators of creative works. Whether or not you've created and draw AR worlds in the latest Apple Pro or you're drawing and drawing with an Apple Pencil.

The key to keeping track of how low the pen latency is, which is the time between writing and tablet, records your attacks on the screen. The lower the better.

The Apple Pencil, when used on the iPad, has something up to 9ms, and Samsung doesn't release the S Pen's latency time (ask me), it responds very well to the Note 10. Apple keeps it balanced, or even develops it - It will be a big part of Fold's success.

Targeting the device at the creators, the Apple doc, and how seamlessly graphic design delivery will be, Samsung will benefit from this success.

Then there is the screen size and the shape of the device. Increasing the internal screen to 7.6 centimeters will give users more space to work with their creative magic, but access to the application will be the key.

The difference between a practical tablet that you can carry in your pocket, and create on the go, compared to one that must be carried in a larger bag. This is the promise of threatening devices, which provide flexibility in more ways than one.

Samsung will challenge Apple iPad Pro with a new folding function.

All of this was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset that Fold 2 could use, as well as the amount of RAM Samsung installed on the phone (the S20 Ultra specification comes with 16GB of RAM).

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Many Android phones can run the creative software available in the Play Store, for example Adobe Illustrator Draw, but the most important thing is how well they work and how good the screen is. These are two of the best Samsung phones.

The South Korean company will also work with companies such as Adobe to bring some of Pen's features into its products and perform well. This is not out of reach: Spotify has partnered with a Korean company on its latest wireless headphones, Galaxy Buds +, by introducing new touch controls.

A custom version of the illustration app, which has several advanced features and uses Samsung's special powered hardware, may be popular with creators.

Putting all of this together, Samsung's darker crystal launches on the Galaxy Flip. As its name implies, it is a small thin glass panel that can be folded thousands of times. It is protected by a hard plastic layer.

This adds a premium experience to the device by mimicking the standard Gorilla Glass panel you'll find on traditional smartphones. Using a pencil on a flexible plastic mirror does not produce the same type of reaction as a hard surface.

If Samsung can get the prices right, then the next Galaxy Fold, and what's to come, will eventually have a definite identity and can challenge Apple's creative potential.

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Samsung will challenge Apple iPad Pro with a new folding function.

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Samsung will challenge Apple iPad Pro with a new folding function.
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